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 Wolf RPG Editor

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PostSubject: Wolf RPG Editor   Sat Feb 09, 2013 8:52 am

Wolf RPG Editor is freeware Japanese software that can be used to create games, specializing in the RPG genre. It shares similarities to the RPG Maker software series by Enterbrain, but with some differences.

Some notable games made using Wolf RPG Editor include:
Mad Father
Amnesia (Yume Nikki fangame)

While the creators of this software have already stated that they would like to translate it, I have picked up translating
the software myself to give a (temporary) means for interested users that do not speak Japanese to get a taste of what it is capable of until the official English translation has been released.

Be sure to read the (partially translated) file
Sample Game Manual.txt for more information and copyright
notices for the resources included.

Download my (poor) attempt at translating it here! (Please note that this translation is by no means complete.)

If you want to talk about the software, feel free to use this topic to do so! Also, any errors, suggestions, etc. concerning my translation attempt can either be posted in this thread or sent to me by PM.
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Wolf RPG Editor

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